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Meet our people


Managing Consultant

My current tasks at Bilot are extremely varied. I work as an SAP BI consultant, a service manager, and an SAP Analytics/BO team leader. I  feel that I have found the right role for myself in leadership. As a manager, I find supporting others in their work motivating. As a service manager, I have a responsibility for the customer – creating additional business value for the customer is key, and customer satisfaction the best incentive.
Successful collaboration pushes me to try and succeed.  Coming to work is always nice. Only when I started working at Bilot did I truly understand the value of a good work community.  We know each other and work is not the only thing we talk about. Our people are innovative and professional individuals, who have what it takes for taking the initiative and creating high-quality solutions for customers.
Bilot's excellent employee benefits are also something I appreciate. We have a truly extensive healthcare plan, and our lunch benefits are also generous. I believe that our personal time is valued, and we are treated like people, not just employees.



Technology consultant

I was one of the first  employees in Bilot, starting a year after the company was founded. From the start, I have been tasked with creating international B2B webshop and portal solutions together with Bilot's other experts, which has proved to be a truly fascinating and challenging job. Because of my background, my main role has been in programming. However, as I have gained more experience, my portfolio has expanded towards managing new products, technologies and architecture. Currently, direct customer communications have also become an increasingly important part of my work, especially in idea formulation and defining new solutions.
What keeps my job interesting is that we are constantly working on new products and the fact that my tasks provide both challenges and sufficient variation. Bilot is a true leader in new product development, which allows me to constantly push the limits of my professional proficiency.
Bilot is a stimulating and agreeable employer, mainly because my colleagues are outstanding and our team spirit is very strong. There is no need to solve each and every problem alone. With Bilot, there is always someone who you can ask for support.
As I am quite competitive, I obviously like to take part in events organised by Bilot. I have competed under Bilot's colours against both myself and my co-workers in many different events, such as half marathons. Every autumn, I also participate in "the personal settlement of accounts" – the Cooper test – which has become a company tradition.



Consultant, Business Intelligence

I started working at Bilot right after graduation. In school, I found reporting an intriguing subject, and wanted to start making a career in SAP BI solutions as soon as I graduated. The reason I started to work at  Bilot was that it was important for me to be able to work with a wide variety of different technologies and customers, and participate in innovative projects. What I truly value about my work is that I am constantly learning new things, and having the opportunity to explore new technologies.
I like to spend time with my colleagues outside the office as well. For me, our  events, such as  yearly summer outing, are a nice way to spend time together – as a true community. We have an open kitchen at the office. It is nice to spend a moment there with colleagues and to catch up.



Senior consultant, Microsoft

I started working for Bilot in 2009, in tasks related to Microsoft's family of products. Currently, I work on a range of solutions, including SQL and BizTalk. Bilot's work atmosphere is excellent. From my first day at work, I felt welcome at Bilot. I still feel the same warm atmosphere every day I walk into the office.
Positive customer feedback is also always rewarding. I can see that everyone pulls their weight in our team, which has rewarded us with satisfied long-term customers. I work as a technical project manager and consultant, and constantly keep in touch with customers. I like the fact that these days we work more as teams, which allows us to learn from each other, not to mention being able to discuss matters.