We have come far by boldly leaning forward. At Bilot you are surrounded by the most talented people who are passionate about technology and being pioneers.

We believe in fair team work and supporting each other. We cherish our inspiring working atmosphere and amazing individuals. To stay ahead we continuously invest in our people’s competence and wellbeing. In reverse we expect you to maintain your expertise and hotness.

SAP Hybris technical architect We are looking for new senior members to join our team of professionals in the field of Digital Customer Engagement and Commerce. In the position as SAP Hybris technical architect, you will be a key player in our digital commerce projects.

We are looking for: Java architects / developers Welcome to join Bilot’s team of seasoned professionals in the domains of digital commerce and enterprise software! You’ll work with top notch service designers, UX wizards, integration specialists and business process experts to deliver stunning digital services.

Linux platform professional? We're hiring! You’ll take part in shaping Bilot’s digital platform & cloud offering. In this role, you will help us ramp up new competences and ways of working. To keep your hands sufficiently dirty, you will work in versatile customer projects and continuous services.

SAP PI Consultants / Senior Consultants located in Poland We are looking for SAP PI Consultants to Poland. We offer you a fast-moving, international work community with opportunity to influence. Our customer projects are versatile and we aim to use the newest technologies.

Integration architects / - consultants In this role you will plan and implement superior integration solutions to our customers together with our highly skilled professionals.

Experienced hybris developers and architects in Warsaw or Poznan (Poland) We are looking for experienced hybris developers and architects to Poland. We offer you versatile customer projects and use of newest technologies in our fast-moving and international work community.

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We are constantly looking for innovative and talented people. You can apply for our open vacancies or send an open application. You are also welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Meet our people

Let us introduce you to some of our employees.

Karri, Consultant, Solution Lead
I joined Bilot back in 2012, working as part of the Enterprise Performance Management team, before becoming the Solution Lead for Business Intelligence & Data Visualization. As the Solution Lead for this area, I'm responsible for developing our Data Visualization capabilities and offering.

As "One Bilot", we are able to development and deliver high quality solutions, as well as help our customers gain valuable insights from their data.

I enjoy working with our customers and being involved in projects throughout their entire lifecycle. And when a project ends, a new and equally exciting one begins. Working at Bilot allows me to work on projects that might be outside of my comfort zone. After all, that’s the best way to learn.

We stand for more? At Bilot we view each customer holistically, and the solutions we deliver add value to our customers. We hope that each new customer matures into a long-lasting relationship and that everything we do helps our customers to do better.

Heikki K., Senior Consultant, Mobile team
My entire career so far has been involved with SAP consulting. My previous job consisted mainly of SAP ERP implementation projects and now at Bilot I have been learning and utilising new technologies in the mobile projects. Projects at Bilot are not as rigid as traditional SAP consulting usually is, and short-term projects provide a welcome change for work. The teams are small and everyone usually sits around the same table. This eases the workload, since information doesn’t have to be shared only by e-mail or phone.

Bilot maintains flexible working hours and as a father of small kids, I appreciate this possibility; I’m able to arrange my free time and I don’t need to do everything within the limits of work.

Personally, I would like open minded people to work at Bilot, people that are easy to talk to and have a knack for finding creative solutions for customers. If you have worked with something for 10 years, and still want to do it, Bilot probably is not the right place for you. On the other hand if you want to find new direction for your career, Bilot could be the right place.

We stand for more? I think it means that we are more than what people know us for at the moment. We have a good reputation in what we do, but we don’t want to settle there, we want to offer something more for our customers. It might mean that I’ll do different things in the future than just mobile projects, but for sure we’ll still work together with the customers, planning and developing something new.

KATARIINA, Customer Lead, FC Superior Customer Experience
I graduated with a Master of Education Degree, which actually provides a great background for this job. I think it’s great that Bilot sees this experience as valuable. Many Issues in the IT field are often caused by a lack of communication and misunderstandings between people; it has nothing to do with technology. Good inter-personal skills are needed. So working as a Customer Lead doesn’t differ that much from a class teacher’s job, I just teach a bunch of 30-year-old consultants :) Of course I have learnt a lot about our field of work and technologies since my graduation.

As a Customer Lead I make sure that customers receive superior service from Bilot. It’s my responsibility that the consultants know what customers are expecting from us and I make sure that we are constantly improving our service. Contracts, reporting and resourcing are part of my daily tasks. In addition I participate in different internal development projects and even help with marketing. At the moment I’m really inspired by service design and design thinking. I have also studied digital and interaction design on my free time.

My experience is that at Bilot everyone is encouraged to find their own path; it's also up to you to think what interests you, and to work towards that objective. I have really enjoyed our new self-organizing company model. It’s important that everyone feels that they are responsible for their own work, and that they also have the freedom to change and improve things.

We stand for more? What first comes to mind is innovation, we strive to bring fresh know-how and offer more to the customer than expected. We are always sniffing around to think of the next big thing to do.

Ulla, Senior Consultant, Process & User Interface team
I do mostly integration and portal in SAP. Important features in this type of work are taking initiative and assimilating things quickly, but everything starts with the motivation to learn. Bilot has a strong training cultur. It is important that employees keep updating their knowledge with the newest technologies and are then able to use those skills in customer work. I have also gained a broader understanding about areas that are not my strongest.

The best thing to mitigate stress is a good working community, which works as an asset. I hardly ever do remote work, because working at the office is simply more fun. It’s great that so many fantastic people, some even with the same interests as I, happen to work in the same company. The group of people, and the level at how we do things is so great, that we like to spend time with each other even on our spare time.

We stand for more? Absolutely. I think it’s great to work in a place where I’m genuinely interested in how the company is doing and I can be proud of where I work. The fact that someone proudly represents their workplace, and not only themselves, is not self-evident. The management of Bilot is also truly present, people joke around with the CEO.

Senior freelance professional?
– Join us as a co-Bilot

Bilot is constantly looking for new experts to an ever growing network of co-Bilots.

Being a co-Bilot is a unique concept designed for those senior professionals who count on their own skills and want to leverage their services contracting through individual arrangements.

As a co-Bilot you will be able to benefit from a wide network of Bilot’s existing customers and to work together with the best professionals in interesting SAP and Microsoft related projects.

Drop us a line and let’s meet up to discuss more.

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