11.05.2017 11:00 - 12:00

Virtual Club: Predictive analytics in practice

How does it work? What can be done? What are the limitations? #bilotsclub

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Predictive analytics, data science, and machine learning have become buzz words that are on the tip of everybody’s tongue. Yet, relatively few companies have taken the step forward into this new realm of analytics.

At our event, we will discuss the different phases of a predictive analytics project and the skills required for it. You will also hear about the Delivery Reliability PoC we did for our customer using different predictive analytics tools, and hear our thoughts on practical use case scenarios for your business.

To whom we especially recommend this event?
Sales & Logistics & Business leads, Customer service.


Note! Primary audience for this virtual meeting are our Polish contacts. This is why agenda here below is for CET time (UTC+1h)

AGENDA 11.5.2017

11.00 – 11.05
Mariusz Papiernik, Managing Director

11.05 – 11.25
Unlocking the power of predictive analytics & machine learning

Ashwin Kumar, Senior Consultant

11.25 – 11.35
Data visualization

Karri Linnoinen, Senior Consultant, Solution Lead for Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

11.35 – 11.55
How to forecast reliability of delivery?

Ashwin Kumar, Senior Consultant

11.55 – 12.00

Mariusz Papiernik

Mariusz Papiernik

Prezes Zarządu Bilot, od 2014 roku odpowiada za strategię Bilot w Polsce i w CEE. Ostatnie 15 lat pracował w wiodących firmach konsultingowych oraz IT (Software AG, Infovide-Matrix). Zrealizował z sukcesem wiele projektów Digital Transformation.


Itämerenkatu, Helsinki, Suomi