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In-Memory Analytics


In-Memory Analytics changes the concepts of BI and how we can deliver Better Information for business.

SAP's ground-breaking innovation in database technology, the in-memory analytics solution SAP HANA, breaks us away from the restrictions of current BI solutions. The unlimited performance is naturally an enormous technical improvement to BI technologies, providing lightning fast reporting and analysis; however, the real value is gained through the opportunities in business analysis that has not been possible before.

While SAP will provide the technical enhancements in your BI environment through HANA, we at Bilot focus on delivering the business solutions that rely on HANA technology.

We offer the following solutions related to SAP HANA technology:

  • SAP HANA installations
  • SAP HANA POC's (single business scenarios)
  • SAP HANA demo work shops based on Bilot HANA solution
  • BO reporting solution on top of SAP HANA on key business scenarios
  • Big Data concept -consulting based on SAP HANA
  • Precustomized reporting solutions on SAP HANA
  • Precustomized analytic dashboards on SAP HANA
  • Mobile BI on top of SAP HANA

In addition to stand-alone SAP HANA solutions, we also offer:

  • SAP BW on HANA POC solution to supercharge you current BW solution
  • Power your critical ERP processes with the performance boost of SAP HANA

Please contact us, if you're interested to discover how your business can be influenced by new SAP HANA innovation.