Artificial Intelligence Services

AI Coaching

AI is not for everyone.

Conducting a successful AI project is far from obvious, and that’s why less than 1/10 ends up into production use.

It’s a statistical fact, but fortunately not a law of nature.

You can improve these odds significantly by knowing the critical success factors in AI projects. Let us help you with this.

We have accomplished dozens of AI projects and learned by trial & error. And we are ready share these experiences with you.

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AI Workshop

A kick-start for utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Learn basics of ML/AI in two hours. It’s enough for business people.

See several demos and some real-life practical use case examples.

Bring your own ML/AI ideas to the table. We’ll find the best and viable ideas to further investigation.

Save money and effort by cutting off infeasible ideas early on.

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AI Training Courses

Without sufficient understanding of AI/ML it’s virtually impossible to find potential AI/ML cases and start successful projects.

However, what you need know about AI/ML depends heavily on your role and responsibilities. For example, for executives details of Machine Learning models are not so important than for Data Scientists.

We are offering the following AI training courses:

Over 1000 people have been already participated for these trainings.  

Full Scale AI Projects

A typical AI/ML project includes three phases: proof of concept, pilot and production use. Often times POC phase is only for testing machine learning part which is naturally vital. However, it’s normally only a small part of the whole “production ready” AI solution.

We have implemented several full scale AI/ML projects, so we know the pitfalls and gimmicks in these projects. Check out some of our public references:

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