AI Coaching

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
for executives and managers

Conducting a successful AI project is far from obvious, and that’s why less than 1/10 ends up into production use. It’s a statistical fact, but fortunately not a law of nature.

You can improve these odds significantly by knowing the critical success factors in AI projects. Let us help you with this. We have accomplished dozens of AI projects and learned by trial & error.

Our AI Coaching covers the following topics
  • Learn basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2 hours?
  • How to choose your first AI/ML projects?
  • How to plan and resource AI/ML projects?
  • How to start AI/ML projects and conduct them successfully?
  • How to build an internal AI/ML competence?
  • How to choose best suited AI/ML technologies for your purposes?
  • How to build an AI/ML strategy?
  • How to make money with AI/ML (revenue models)?
  • How to train people to work with AI/ML solutions?

Maybe some of these topics are important and timely for you?

Why to use coaching?

Most companies approaches AI/ML projects with do-it-by-yourself attitude. Learn by trial & error. It works, but it’s slow and expensive way to make progress.

AI Coaching is meant for those who wants to use help and do things wiser.

  • Learn other people’s experiences whether they are good or bad
  • Avoid typical pitfalls and mistakes
  • Test your ideas with experts, get the second opinion
  • Use our connections to ask experiences from other business people
  • Let experts do work for you (e.g. complex technology evaluations)

This service is very flexible. You decide how much and when you need coaching. Let us know!

What do our customers say?

“They have a very business-oriented approach and projects are not built on over-expectations. Realism and experience can be seen in the work of experts.”
Osmo Kurki, Development Director, Keskisuomalainen Oyj

”They helped University of Oulu to build an information and knowledge management roadmap. Their experience, expertise and networks in the field of analytics enabled the rapid advancement of things and development a clear roadmap”
Pirjo Kytösalmi, Financial Director, University of Oulu

“They helped us to see the business development potential of our data assets”
Ville Hurnonen, CEO, Netwheels Oy

“They are different from other players in the market because they are genuinely objective to pursue the best technology and supplier assessment. Everything that was agreed has been delivered, and they have responded to the additional needs that have come along the way.”
Peter Gabrielsson, Commercial Director, Restel Oy

How to order

Please contact either Mika Laukkanen or Juha Kostamo, the guys behind the AI Coaching, and we’ll discuss more.

Mika, Business Lead
+358 40 845 8432