Mika Tanner

Mika Tanner has been a CEO of Bilot since 2011. He has been in professional services for 20 years, mostly in the software industry of which over a decade with SAP in several management positions in Finland, Nordics and France. Mika has lived 13 years abroad in the US, Europe and the Middle-East.

Bilots in the Valley: Why did we go?


Sometimes, it is hard to explain something, and only witnessing it first-hand really helps. One of these things is pace and magnitude of change. You can hear about earthquakes and see all the documentaries, but only after you have personally…

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Match made in heaven


Especially in Finland, which is known for its dismal idioms, someone might advise me not to count my chickens until they’ve hatched. I am of course referring to the Bilot-Louhia merger that was signed this summer. Post-merger integration is still…

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Älä kulje onnesi ohi


Mitä työntekijä toivoo työpaikaltaan ja -uraltaan? Se riippuu usein monesta asiasta. Työuraansa aloittelevalla on luultavasti aika lailla eri perspektiivi kuin urallaan jo edenneellä, ja asiantuntijatehtävissä olevalla (tai tällaisia tavoittelevalla) on ehkä erilaiset odotukset tulevasta työpaikasta kuin vaikkapa myynnin, markkinoinnin, päällikön, johtajan…

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Surviving the Shark Tank – the art of pitching


In my past blog posts I’ve been pecking on the importance of pitching. I decided to give it a stab myself and so I enrolled to my first official pitch last week at Kasvuryhmä’s Scale-Up Talent Pitch. There I…

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Smuggling Some Soil from Silicon Valley – 5 learnings


I travelled to The Silicon Valley to see for myself what it is all about. In hindsight, perhaps it was a kind of energy vaccination against lethal opportunity myopia. During a turbo-charged week of meetings, I met dozens of people…

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Silicon Valley Style Disruptive Innovation


What is innovation? One definition is that innovation equals creativity + execution. An idea alone carries no value if you are not able to actually turn it into something and scale it. If The Valley is about investors, it…

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Flirting with Investors in The Valley – what turns them on?


The amount of venture capitalist (VC) money in the US was 62,8 billion in 20161,2. The Bay Area alone collected 45% of this and the rest of California another 10%. For comparison, the state budget for Finland in 2017 was…

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The Silicon Valley Experience: Why The Valley?


“Silicon is the eighth most common element in the universe by mass, but very rarely occurs as the pure element in the Earth’s crust.” (Wikipedia). There is something rare about Silicon Valley as well, but what exactly? That is precisely…

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The Silicon Valley Experience: The Backdrop


At the helm of a successful IT company, I am exposed to a lot of technological breakthroughs and a large number of successful companies who we are helping navigate their way towards a more digitally enabled business. By We, I…

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