Mikko Koljonen

Director, Operations & Business Enablement. Mikko Koljonen joined Bilot in 2008 having worked for ten years in various companies in the Finnish forest industry in France, The Netherlands and Belgium. Mikko has a long experience from customer side and having worked in business IT organization in numerous development projects he knows what the customers expect from a good supplier. Mikko is the head of Operations and Business Enablement function, member of Bilot Group management team, Managing Director of Bilot International Oy and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bilot Sp. z o.o.

Mamma Mia! Here we go again…


“O’boy” – the feeling I had when we finally made the decision at Bilot to take our next step on the path of international growth and set up a subsidiary in Sweden. During 2018, I was lucky to be involved…

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Scam alert: SAP BW users WATCH OUT!


Cheating comes in many forms Who wouldn’t have heard of all the bank related phishing frauds and of the Nigerian letters? Now there is a new scam on the rise and surprisingly this time it is all legal. SAP is…

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Hello Poland – The Rising Star of Europe!


Many economies, including that of Finland, have been facing troubled times for a couple of years now and the mid-term outlook is varied. When domestic markets provide eroding prospects for growth, one might think international expansion could provide interesting opportunities. Where…

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Searching for SAP rebels!


One of the strengths of companies like SAP is their worldwide ecosystem of partners. Besides supporting SAP to sell licenses, SAP partners are key players in helping customers to deploy and run SAP based solutions. But that is not all…

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Not so dangerous ideas!


Please don’t get me wrong – with this blog’s header I am not trying to undermine Alf Rehn’s bestselling book “Dangerous ideas” where Alf explains us how the best ideas that allow us to take the biggest steps forward are…

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Let’s talk about why


Finally managed to read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” – a best seller amongst the business books during past couple of years. If you have not read the book you might opt at least for checking out Simon’s speech @…

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