Rickard Kallis

Business Lead - Customer Experience. Rickard joined Bilot Consulting in 2015 and is currently working as a Business Lead for Bilot's cloud solutions in the area of Sales, Service, and Marketing. He has 10+ years of experience from the IT industry of which the majority has been in various roles within SAP consulting. Rickard speaks both IT and Business and is an excellent interpreter of these. He is also passionate about modern organizational practices.

Coresystems and SAP – 9 months later


SAP acquired a Swiss-based software company called Coresystems in June 2018. Coresystems is the developer of a field service management (FSM) software of the same name. The deal was an investment by SAP in their C/4 cloud suite, and Coresystems…

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Your Six Steps to Simple Customer Service


A trend within companies has lately been to put the customer in the center, and it seems that the companies’ customer service designs often include buzzwords like customer centric or customer focused. There is nothing wrong with that, as long…

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Are you self-organizing?


Do you know how self-organizing you are? I will share a quick technique for measuring yourself.   My main inspiration for the decentralizing of authority comes from a book Turn the Ship Around written by L. David Marquet. The…

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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Hackathon


Bilot’s Customer Engagement¬†consultants joined in a hackathon spirit to find out what SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1605 release had hidden under its hood. If you are not familiar with the product, Hybris Cloud for Customer (a.k.a C4C) is SAP’s…

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Johan Cruyff’s legacy to Bilot


On March 24th, 2016 one of the football’s most well know legends Johan Cruyff¬†passed away. His merit list is a mile long and, for example, include three-time Ballon d’Or winner, Word Cup finalist, the long time key player and…

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