Advanced data and analytics solutions give a boost to Suominen’s business

Seamless cooperation

Suominen manufactures nonwovens as roll goods for wipes, as well as for hygiene products and medical applications. Suominen is the global market leader in nonwovens for wipes. The company employs nearly 700 people in Europe and in the Americas.

Bilot and Suominen have cooperated closely for several years in order to build a data and analytics roadmap and solutions that cater to the needs of an evolving company. Recent investments in new ERP and MES systems provide new capabilities for Suominen’s information driven supply chain and production excellence.

In strategic partnership spirit and with seasoned expertise and modern information technology, Suominen’s business is now also supported by state-of-the-art analytics tools providing real-time insight to company’s business. In addition, enhanced master data governance, processes and tools ensure good data quality.


"Advanced data and analytics solutions give a boost to business. Developing a data driven organization takes years and Bilot has been the best partner for us in this journey, having just the right expertise and ability to flexibly adapt to our needs."
- Timo Rautakorpi, CIO, Suominen