Improving global stock transparency and order processing​ for a global manufacturer

Planning deliveries in an optimal way

This solution was implemented for a long-term Bilot customer, a global manufacturer and service provider​ in the machinery industry. The project started in 2017 with a short proof of concept and after a successful POC implementation, the customer wanted Bilot to continue developing the solution. ​

The goal of the new application was to simplify the quotation and order creation processes. Another goal was to increase global stock transparency in order to plan deliveries from different plants in an optimal way. The order handling was previously slow and not so user-friendly, and it included a lot of manual work.



SAP Fiori

A new, user-friendly solution

The new solution, SAP Fiori application for quotation and order processing, is used in the customer’s spare part sales. This application is used on desktop via web browser, and it is built on top of existing sales processes in SAP ERP. 

With the new user-friendly solution, quotation and order processing is much faster because it doesn’t require so much manual work and for example all pricing information is visible in one view. The new solution also shows the nearest stock where the spare part can be found, and chooses globally the best delivery option.