Keeping Reima on the right track to fuel growth

Digitalization at the core of strategy

Reima is growing fast and conquering new markets around the globe with their great products and mission to bring joy of movement to all. Digital services and great user experience are at the core of this development, and Reima needs the right partners to achieve their goals.

“Reima is a fast-growing company with strong international ambitions. That's why we need more than a traditional IT service provider. We want a partner who understands the fast-changing technological environment and keeps us on the right track and velocity to fuel our growth,” says CEO Elina Björklund.

Reima is the leading premium performance wear brand for active children aged 0 to 12. Founded in 1944, Reima first started out by manufacturing women’s work wear out of old army snowsuits, but quickly found success in quality children’s wear for year-round use. In 2017, Reima had a turnover of around 112 million euros and employs over 400 people. 80 % of the net sales comes from international markets, from over 70 countries across three continents.

Digitalization is at the core of Reima’s strategy; in 2017, net sales via own digital channels accounted for almost 15 % of total sales. The Reima webstore currently delivers to 30+ countries, with more to come. Internationalization is a key ambition for Reima: in addition to traditionally strong markets like Russia and Scandinavia, Reima is expanding to new markets like the US and China.

Being such a key part of B2C business, it is essential that the Reima webstore runs smoothly and integrates well with a wide range of services and solutions such as marketing automation, logistics, and affiliate stores.

Close co-operation means agile development

Reima and Bilot co-operate closely as partners, and the entire commerce chain is covered by one team. An agile way of working with a competent Product Owner on Reima’s side means that the right things are prioritized and changes can be made quickly and effectively.

Currently, four Bilot consultants spend 1-2 days a week working at the Reima office in order to stay especially close to the customer. This arrangement has been well-received both by Reima and the consultants themselves.

”I think the arrangement works really well. Daily communication is done through instant messaging, and daily Scrum sessions keep me up to date on what we’re working on and allow me to tell Reima what I’m currently up to. However, I think meeting face-to-face at least once a week is important for trust and transparency.

Reima has good facilities where we can work side by side with the project members. I also work at the Bilot office, where I can get support from other project teams if I need it”, says Teemu Alander, Lead Consultant.

"We want a partner who understands the fast-changing technological environment and keeps us on the right track and velocity to fuel our growth."
- Elina Björklund, CEO