Success for Ruukki: winning with quick lead-to-cash in a complex industry

Balancing a complex flow

For Ruukki, success is about being able to respond quickly to demands from a wide range of channels and partners: consumers, retailers, roofers and tinsmiths, house manufacturers and the heavy construction industry. When your business is about supplying roofs and building components, the entire lead-to-cash flow is complex by nature.

But that complexity cannot translate into slow response times in sales: a key driver of customer satisfaction and conversion is being able to crunch out quotations faster than the competition. The next objective is to ensure efficient deliveries, where a quotation is effortlessly passed on to production, logistics and installation without hiccups or need for manual intervention.

Bilot has worked with Ruukki over the past decade to continuously drive improvement of the sales and delivery process. The latest reincarnation of the tool set visible to sales and partners incorporates:

• lead & opportunity management integrated with marketing automation
• configure, price and quote (CPQ) of complex roof designs
• accessory finder to match roofing designs
• status and shipment tracking
• sales reporting

Benefits across the board

"We leverage Commerce as a platform for continuous improvement of customer service as well as process efficiency. Our customers have adopted the digital channel rapidly – we now get 75% of all orders online – and the feedback has been excellent. A great achievement, which again opens up new areas of process improvement", says Senior Vice President Jouni Metsämäki.

Customers are not the only ones who are pleased. Benefits for retailers include the ability to produce quotations on the spot, while the customer is waiting, while house manufacturers have a quick design-to-quote-process based on design templates. On construction sites, installation documents, sizing and layout plans are easily available, as are detailed insights about incoming deliveries – who is bringing what, when, and how heavy is it?

Ruukki's sales management benefits, too, with improved conversion rates on leads, improved visibility into sales and increased sales of accessories.

"Our customers have adopted the digital channel rapidly – we now get 75% of all orders online – and the feedback has been excellent."
- Jouni Metsämäki, Senior Vice President