Maximize the potential and usability of your Enterprise Software

Happy users demand great user experience. This greatness is built by mastering all layers of the enterprise IT. Great user experience means not just the UI layer, but building it on top of Digital Core services of the enterprise system.

We streamline and integrate processes, improve collaboration, secure the lifecycle of solutions and build mobile UI’s that create wow moments.

We build and extend enterprise software of added value!


Business Apps and Integrations

Extend your SAP Digital Core

Streamline your operations with tailored apps – on any device



Digital processes are great – if humans are able to interact with them! This is why all the layers of the apps need to be in sync; user experience, processes and architecture are aligned in Bilot SAP Simple Application Development.

  • Simple User Experience
    We design meaningful user experience with SAP Fiori, UI5 and Neptune.
  • Simplified Business Processes
    We expose the Digital Core of SAP ERP – or S/4HANA – for optimizing and making the
  • Simple Solution Architecture
    We harness the power of HANA, HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Gateway.

We also extend the Core with Microsoft on top of SAP.

BILOT SmartSuite™

Get jump-started with application frameworks and ready-to-run software

Avoid reinventing the wheel and overspending on custom development. Bilot’s range of SmartSuite™ accelerators and apps aim to give you great results faster.

  • SmartInvoice™ –clever invoice approval for SAP
  • SmartService™ – SAP service and maintenance process efficiency
  • SmartPricing™ –turn pricing into a profitability driver on SAP
  • SmartMDM™ – optimize any data-driven process – SAP or not


”Our SmartInvoice solution is so intuitive to use that it hardly requires any training.”

Pirkko Kero-Kangasluoma
Director of Service Production, Certia



+358 50 442 0012

Microsoft meets OpenSource meets any ERP

Rapid application development

When you prefer ERP-agnostic, rapid custom development, our gurus turn to modern frameworks and tools like AngularJS and React.JS for exciting UI development. Bilot SmartMDM, Nintex and Xamarin extend our toolbox with solid workflow modeling and native mobile app development.

Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Online gives us – and you – the tools of the trade to run DevOps-style development and deployments.


We integrate things, people, systems, applications and processes

Cloud and on-premise plumbing

Enterprise SaaS applications allows you to tear down your monolithic ERP-centric architecture. We help you fuel business agility by integrating best-of-breed applications from different cloud vendors with your core processes.

Business-to-business flow

Customer experience and efficiency in digital commerce requires smooth end-to-end supply chain communication. Let our seasoned B2B integration specialists discover ways to optimize your ecosystem, shortening and securing the information path between vendors, distributors and customers.

Things to systems to people

Securely gather sensor data from things globally, scale out your processing to the cloud, open up public APIs to liberate your data.






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User Experience

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