Data and Analytics explores the hidden treasure in your data.

We help you to unlock the value hidden in your customer, operational, commerce, and machine data. With modern big data architecture and cutting-edge advanced analytics, your new analytical capabilities will make you a data science rock star!

Turn your data dumpster into a gold mine!


Data and Analytics

Bilot BI Business Consulting

From strategy to action


Business Driven Processes And Solutions
Ensure that your business strategy and key success factors drive the design and development of your IT solutions. Whether it be BI strategy clarification, business design of costing principles, business planning process or pricing, or process consulting for customer engament, our consultants with strong experience from private sector and consulting can support you success in your business transformation and development projects.

In Solution Landscape 1 + 1 > 2
When creating your solution roadmap for years to come, it’s essential to understand how different solutions link to each other from business process point of view. Understanding this helps you reach the best return on investment for your IT solutions.


Enterprise BI on steroids

SAP HANA Real-time Analytics
When refreshing numbers only once per day is too slow for you, real-time analytics with SAP HANA is the answer.

With more than ten SAP HANA implementations (including real-time analytics scenarios), Bilot is a forerunner in SAP HANA technology. Just so you know.

Performance issues no more – SAP HANA accelerates your BW with a factor of 10x to 100x! You can ponder on this the next time you sit and wait 60s watching your BI report to load.

Planning solutions can sometimes be quite calculation heavy. Running SAP BPC on HANA gives you all the performance you need. With 20+ planning solution implementations, Bilot keeps your planning process running smooth and steady – exactly as you planned it.

”Both our BI and financial planning run on SAP HANA. Performance is no longer an issue!”

– Mariia Karhu, IT manager at Valio

Read the whole reference story (in Finnish only)

Hadoop and Hortonworks

When data becomes a competitive advantage


First certified partner
Bilot is the first certified system integration partner for Hortonworks in Finland. Our specialty is in scenarios that combine Hadoop with SAP architecture.

Explore unstructured data
Data exploration using Tableau or SAP Lumira is a typical starting point for our customers on their Hadoop journey.

Run simple
Big data, small data, complex data? No problem – we have ready delivery options to run Hortonworks HDP on Azure, private cloud, or on-premise.

SAP BI Solutions

Rock solid expertise – and 10+ years to prove it!

Developed in the late 1990’s, SAP BW is the de facto standard data warehouse for any enterprise running SAP ERP. Now modernized with SAP HANA and being part of S/4HANA, SAP BW continues to play an important role in the enterprise data architecture.

Bilot has extensive experience with SAP BW with 20+ certified BW consultants and 40+ customer deliveries. This is really our home turf.

SAP Business Objects
The SAP BO stack is a real BI handyman’s toolbox. One just has to know which tool to use for which purpose and how! We help you to follow the best practices in SAP BO implementations. And on occasion when the official documentations fall short, we have a few tricks up our own sleeve!

SAP Cloud4Analytics
The future hub for all SAP’s analytics in the cloud. Something definitely not to be ignored if you are at all serious about cloudification in the SAP landscape.



Business Lead, Business Solutions

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SAP EPM – Planning and Profitability

Plan simple and drive profits


SAP BPC – Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP BPC is SAP’s solution for planning and consolidation. We at Bilot have delivered 20+ projects on SAP BPC and its predecessors (IP). This includes several set-ups with SAP HANA for improved performance.

SAP PCM – Profitability and Cost Management

Do you really know the cost and profitability of your products, brands, customers, markets and sales channels? With SAP PCM you can do cost allocations to thousands of products and customers with high performance.
Read more about Bilot’s Pricing Profitability services.


Answer questions as fast as you can think of them

As the continued holder of the #1 position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Tableau is your key to powerful data analytics and visualizations. Now you can really start exploring and understanding your data!

Microsoft BI – more than data visualizations

Insights with a complete business intelligence analytics platform



Gartner has noticed it and so have we. Microsoft is the leader in end-to-end BI and Analytics platforms. Invite us to give you the latest update on how the SQL Server 2016 launch in March and the new features in PowerBI and Azure cloud will be relevant to you.

Bilot is Microsoft’s Gold Partner and an official Microsoft BI Partner Seller.

ThingWorx – Internet of Things

Rapid IoT application development with a world-leading platform

Why IoT platform?

Well, you could equally ask why operating system, why commerce platform, why anything prebuilt! The idea of an IoT platform is to avoid reinventing the wheel by building everything custom-made from scratch.

World-class references

No other IoT platform can boast 300+ real-life customer cases under their belt like ThingWorx, hence making it the most widely-adopted IoT platform out there. So when you need a safe bet for IoT and Industrial Internet, you cannot go too wrong with ThingWorx!

First certified system integration partner

Bilot is the first certified system integration partner for ThingWorx in Finland since 2015, and part of ThingWorx’ global partner program.

Commerce Analytics

Engage your customer like it were an actual person! (well, because they are..!)

Analytics for personalized customer engagement

You have multiple touch points with your customers in many channels, all the time, and every day. All these touch points generate valuable behavioral data about your customer that can be turned to value.

Hybris Marketing

With hybris Marketing you can take your digital customer engagement to the next level with contextual 1:1 marketing, clickstream analytics, and remarketing.

Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics has super powers when it comes to building smart algorithms such as recommendation engines, scoring systems, or predictive maintenance algorithms.




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