Profitability and Pricing
Capture the margins your business deserves.

We help you drive profitability and growth with data and fact. Easy, real-time access to your business performance and the underlying drivers enables you to respond to market changes as they unfold.


Pricing and Profitability

Profitability and Cost Management

Understand your profitability deeply


”Bilot delivered a cost and profitability management solution that has brought new insight to support our business analysis and decisions. Bilot has supported us with valuable business understanding of activity-based costing and its implications.”

Marja Hämäläinen
CEO, Heinon Tukku

Read more about the Heinon Tukku case (in Finnish)

Powerful Costing Solutions

Cost allocations can be a pain with large sets of data and complex business processes. With ASTRADA5 and SAP PCM (Profitability and Cost Management) in Bilot’s solution portfolio, we can deploy profitability modelling in a large variety of industries and system architectures. It doesn’t matter if your allocations require standard costing, Activity-Based Costing (ABC), Time-Driven ABC (TDABC) or some special allocation rules to configure; our experience and technologies let you choose the best fit-for-purpose allocation method to allocate the costs of your activities to products, customers and sales channels to which they belong.

Bilot has expertise in complex ABC calculation set-ups with 100+ millions rows of data and tens of thousands customers and products.

Profitability Analytics

Number crunching does not pay off if you cannot understand the data. With powerful profitability analytics, you can understand where your margin leakages are on both customer and product levels, and what kinds of business decisions need to be done for higher cash flow.


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Bilot SmartPricing™ Margin Manager

Right price for every product and customer

In many large companies, pricing is still run on spreadsheets. This easily means inefficient processes with long lead-times and mistakes, but more importantly leaves big money on the table.

Pricing is an area of operational excellence, that remains largely unexploited. The typical reason is a lack of affordable tools that help in everyday life. Built on modern SAP HANA technology, Bilot SmartPricing™ Margin Manager is a powerful tool for pricing excellence at reasonable cost.

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Bilot SmartPricing™ Accelerator

When you simply cannot afford to keep your customer waiting, waiting, waiting…

Your B2B customer wants to see custom prices in your web shop in real-time. Your web shop manager may want to rank product listings based on margin or price. However, most commerce platforms and ERP’s do not support sufficiently fast on-demand calculation of customer specific prices or margins.

SmartPricing™ Accelerator changes this completely by intelligently pre-calculating customer specific prices for high-speed access. Works with any commerce platform that runs on top of SAP ERP.




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