Service Design & User Experience
Take the guesswork out of digital service development

Want to spend your development dollars wisely? Start by nailing down your strategic goals and talking to actual end users before even thinking about launching an implementation project.


Service Design and User Experience

From strategic goal setting to digital service concepts

Direction from your business needs
Creating value with new digital services requires first understanding what underlying business needs are actually being solved. Measurable targets derived from the business needs are an essential basis to assess success and guide further investments.

Clear vision

  • what the service is about: benefits, and to whom
  • what else: business processes, competences

Listen to your customers – don’t just assume

Understanding your users’ needs is the first step in creating a meaningful solution. We use various ethnographic methods ranging from one-to-one interviews and persona cards to big data validation to base design decisions on real life rather than assumptions. Don’t just give your customers what they want. Give them what they need!

Your customers’ life is more than just IT systems. We utilize customer journey mapping to build a holistic view on your customer touch-points, enabling meaningful interactions at the right moment, on the right media.



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Rapid prototyping for efficiency

Prototypes of increasing fidelity provide smooth transition towards a tangible product by solving problems on design table before they become bugs.

  • Wireframes to rapidly sketch solution functionality and communicate interaction effectively and visually for all stakeholders
  • Visual style to build coherent brand identity and wow! level look & feel on any device
  • User testing to verify design decisions prior to implementation, and optimize solution usability for efficient use

Continuous innovation based on user analytics

Digital products are never truly finished. After the big go-live your solution needs continuous optimization and active user feedback loop for satisfying customer experience.

  • Usage monitoring to reveal buying patterns and help finding that sweet spot for sales
  • Customer satisfaction tracking for continuous improvement of solution quality. Not just 1-to-5 questionaries, but first-hand information from real users with real life problems.
  • Content optimization with A/B testing and SEO to adapt content and functionalities for meaningful experiences and profitable business

Design for technical feasibility

A spectacular way to fail in digital service development is to lock down your architecture before designing the actual service.

An equally spectacular way of failing is doing the opposite: producing an out-of-this-world fancy design without lending real-world technical constraints any thought.

We take pride in integrating pragmatic architectural thinking into our service design process.




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