AI Workshop

A kick-start for utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This workshop is intended for organizations wanting to start using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The workshop will cover basic concepts, examples, demos and the business problems you have chosen. The aim is to assess whether they can be solved by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The key benefit of the AI Workshop is weeding out unsustainable ideas as early as possible.

In the AI Workshop, you will get an answer, e.g, to the following questions:

  • What is machine learning and artificial intelligence? What’s the difference between them?
  • How do they work on concept level?
  • How does a typical machine learning or AI project proceed?
  • What is actually possible?
  • The role of data in AI solutions?
  • What if there is no data—game over?
  • What kind of expertise is needed?
  • Different AI technologies and architectures?

This part is followed by live demos on various machine learning solutions. Some examples:

  • Targeting supply using forecasting models
  • Customer segmentation based on purchasing history
  • Automatic pricing of products
  • Forecasting failure
  • Mending missing information using machine learning
  • Finding anomalies (strangeness / deviation) in data

After covering the basics, we move on to address your business problems (max. 3). As a result of this discussion, you will find out e.g.:

  • Are they suitable as machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions?
  • What kind of data is needed to build a solution?
  • How big is the project?
  • Are the cases practical when it comes to business (ROI)?

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a report on the issues examined in the workshop and the necessary follow-up actions.

The material can be directly utilized in any POC / Pilot phase after the workshop.


  • Workshop preparation (e.g., getting to know the data and business problem before the workshop)
  • Workshop (5 h) with two Bilot consultants
  • Written material from the workshop (summary, follow-up proposal)
  • On request, an offer on a POC / Pilot project

We have carried out AI workshops for numerous companies over the years, and they have always proved to be helpful.

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