AI Workshop – the best way to start an AI/ML project

A kick-start for utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

This workshop is intended for organizations wanting to start projects in field of AI/ML. The workshop is divided into two parts.

Part 1 – basics of AI/ML (2 hours)
  • Basic concepts of AI/ML for business people (no math)
  • Several concrete demos (prediction models, clustering, AI API’s) from different business domains, e.g. machine vision, text sentiment, predictive maintenance, marketing and pricing.
  • Real-life AI/ML use case examples from Bilot
  • The role of data in AI/ML solutions?
  • Known pitfalls and success factors
  • How to identify good use cases?
  • A typical AI/ML project from idea to production use

The aim of the part 1 is to bring everybody on the same page regarding AI/ML.

Part 2 – diving into business problems (3 hours)

After covering the basics, we dive into your business problems which might be mitigated by using AI/ML.  We are looking for answers for the following questions.

  • Can we solve the problem or part of it by using AI/ML?
  • What kind of data we need? Can we have it?
  • Size of the potential AI/ML project in terms of money and effort?
  • Expected revenue of investment (ROI)?
  • What business processes and work roles will be affected if the AI/ML solution goes live?
  • What are suitable AI/ML technologies and platforms for your organization?

In this phase we also want to cut off unsustainable ideas. Fail fast and cheap works in this context.

Proven way to start a AI/ML project

We have conducted bunch of AI Workshops over the last few years, for customers like Kone, Altia, RaisioAgro and Reima.

The key benefit has been a realistic view  how to proceed with each selected business case. Often times something else needs to be done before testing AI/ML, e.g. gathering more data or improve quality of data. It’s important to do things in the right order despite of AI/ML fever.

About 70-80% of AI Workshops has led to the proof-of-concept project which is almost always necessary for testing whether AI/ML works or not.

Why AI Workshop?
  • Learn basics of AI/ML and see a lot of real-life use case examples
  • Get understanding how to proceed with your business cases in terms of  AI/ML
  • Avoid well know pitfalls and mistakes when starting your first AI/ML projects
  • Find low-effort and high-potential AI/ML cases
  • Get a follow-up proposal if you like, e.g regarding AI Coaching or AI POC
How to order?

Please contact either Tia Rautio (+358 40 594 0069) or Mika Laukkanen (+358 40 8458432) and we’ll discuss more.

Contact person

Tia Rautio
+358 40 594 0069