Python for Data Science – Data Processing and Machine Learning Basics

Technology is evolving, and new tools and solutions are becoming available all the time. The amount of logic behind visual user interfaces is often very limited, but programming skills give you the freedom to make your wishes come true!

This training introduces you to the Python programming environment and its use for data processing and analysis. Python is an accessible programming language that lets you see results fast. Training is carried out mainly in the form of practical exercises, but no previous experience is required.

After the training, participants understand both the usefulness of programming skills and programming logic itself. In addition, participants will learn, for example, how to carry out data processing and predictive analytics, and of course, how to utilize Python in a multitude of situations.

For open-minded individuals, script-based tools provide virtually limitless possibilities to develop their own skills as well as enhance the work of others.

Day 1 Content

What is Python and What Can it Do?

  • Key concepts relating to Python programming
  • Libraries (Pandas, Scikit Learn, Numpy)
  • How to edit and visualize data?
  • Preparation and visualization of data
  • Python exercises:
    • Data structures
    • Functions and methods
    • Indexing
    • Data operations and manipulations
    • Data visualization
    • Statistical testing
    • Implementing  predictive models (basics)
Day 2 Content

Modeling & Basics of Machine Learning

  • The basics of machine learning
  • Hold-out method
  • Over- and underfitting  predictive models
  • Cross-validation
  • Testing and validating results
  • Python exercises:
    • Recap: Data structures and data manipulation
    • Predicting customer churn
    • Car price prediction
    • Evaluating the general applicability and quality of the results
    • Indexing
  • DEMO: State-of-the-art methods (Deep Learning, LSTM, Tensorflow)

Your instructors Lasse Ruokolainen / Lasse Liukkonen

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