16.08.2016 / News Team

Bilot provided Posti with the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. The new CRM system helps form an accurate overall picture of the customer by unifying the information and processes of sales, marketing and customer service.

Posti renewed its strategy and combined its logistics and postal service functions. Earlier, each department had its own CRM system, but now Posti was looking for a common, cloud-based solution, which could be integrated in the marketing automation and enterprise resource planning.

Tiina Härkönen Posti SAP C4C referenssi
Tiina Härkönen, Posti

“We looked for possible solutions on a very broad front, and in the end, we opted for the SAP Cloud for Customer solution”, says Posti’s Customer Insight Director Tiina Härkönen. 

Posti already had experience of several SAP systems. Another factor that affected the choice of CRM system was that Posti wanted to redefine its entire sales and marketing process. 

“We wanted to follow the system’s proven process, so that it would not need to be adapted too much”, Tiina Härkönen explains.

Towards a genuinely customer-oriented business

The goal of Posti’s new strategy is to offer a better customer experience. At the same time, Posti directs customers to the web by offering new services. In order for the goals to be achieved, all information about the customers’ purchases, behavior and experiences must be gathered in the CRM system.

“The information the customers provide about themselves, how they behave online, what they buy. We want a complete picture of the customer, which we can use to develop our services”, Tiina Härkönen explains. “Posti is changing from a product- and production-oriented business to a customer-oriented one at a fast pace, and this is not possible unless we have access to consistent and accurate customer data.”

SAP C4C helps provide added value to customers

Since the market was opened for competition, Posti is, in practice, in the same position as other businesses. As the market situation has changed, collecting information about the customers has become increasingly important.

“Thanks to the information we get via SAP C4C, we will, in the future, be able to approach our customers in a smart and relevant way. We intend to gain enough expertise to make them feel that we produce a clear added value,” Tiina Härkönen says.

Posti’s broad scope of business activities and the heterogeneity of its sales pose challenges for the CRM solution. Telemarketing takes only a few minutes at best, while the process of selling outsourcing services can take several months or even longer.

“Now, we are able to handle customer data in a better way as the sales, marketing and customer service departments use the same tool and methods”, says Tiina Härkönen.

Cloud services are easy to use

Posti’s C4C project went very well and the system was put into use within six months. All tests were carried out quickly and skilfully, and Posti’s own key users played an important role in the project group. The users have said that the system is very easy to use.

“The difference between cloud services and traditional systems is that the cloud service solution is not even meant to be complete when it is put into service, but is continuously developed”, Tiina Härkönen explains. “When you use this kind of approach, it is crucial that you can trust your partners. We already had a good relationship with Bilot, and in this project, they have once again demonstrated that they are worthy of our trust.”

6.06.2016 / News Team

Bilot delivered a new SmartMDM based solution for YIT to create and manage their project master data in an easy, cost efficient and timely manner. The tool enables end users to provide the required and consistent information for automated creation of new SAP PS (Project System) project once the request has been reviewed by approvers.

Being a leading European developer, builder and service provider

YIT leads the way in construction field. YIT creates more attractive and sustainable urban environments by building housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. YIT is the largest residential construction company in Finland and the largest foreign residential construction company in Russia. YIT is also one of the largest business premises and infrastructure construction companies in Finland.

Besides Finland and Russia YIT operates also in the Baltics and Central Eastern European countries. Company has nearly 6000 employees and revenue for 2014 amounted to 1.8 billion EUR. YIT aims at being a leading European developer, builder and service provider creating shared value with high responsibility.

Suitable workflows and all required validation rules

YIT has commonly agreed master data definitions for constructions projects but lacked a common way of creating the projects. Additionally, no suitable workflow nor all required validation rules for mandatory data exist in the several back end systems used for maintaining construction project data. Bilot’s SmartMDM was seen as the perfect solution for these challenges.

Thinking big, starting small

Thinking big, starting small: for the first phase the scope was set to creating a new project for YIT Finland with SAP ECC as the back end system. The new intelligent, collaborative and user friendly way of creating projects into SAP PS was implemented to replace the old way of creating projects with WBS manually to SAP. The data forms and workflows of SmartMDM were configured to meet YIT needs for entering flawless, high quality project master data using the workflow to fully support YIT project creation process. Data quality is ensured not only by having value lists read directly from SAP ECC but also by configuring additional business rules when needed.

“We see that instead of enforcing the various local level back end systems to meet the expected level of user experience, it is substantially easier and much more cost efficient to provide a common platform on top of our local level back end systems. For that purpose, the SmartMDM solution developed by Bilot, is a perfect fit.” Heikki Sulonen, YIT says.

Solution will be enhanced with modifying the existing projects in SAP and expanding the usage to Russia, Baltics and Central Eastern European countries with 1C and Navision Axapta systems as back ends for the SmartMDM Project Master Data solution. In the future SmartMDM may be used for managing data in other master data domains e.g. Customer, Vendor or Material master data.

Uniformed view to the construction project data throughout the project lifecycle

Cooperation between YIT and Bilot went smoothly. Bilot’s own product SmartMDM was chosen as the platform because YIT wanted to provide the end users with a uniformed view to the construction project data throughout the project lifecycle, regardless of the back end system the user is authorized to use.